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North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

Bellacosa It's a Beautiful Thing

Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon harkens back to a time when wine was expertly crafted in small batches by artisans whose passion was to make the most memorable wine; an era in California when vineyards were family farmed and wines were made by hand in pursuit of purity, flavor and finesse. Bellacosa embodies the connection of soul and experience; a subtle force that brings people together. Rich, velvety and complex, it is a beautiful expression of Sonoma Cabernet; a wine to savor, share and create lasting moments together.


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Daniel Cohn 2014 Bellacosa Wine Review – Best Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon under $30

“…Daniel Cohn’s 2014 Bellacosa, a delicious supple, and savory wine that defies the stratospheric Napa pricing game. Check it out!”

- Robert Parker - World renowned wine critic & founder of The Wine Advocate

Wine Tasting Notes

Bellacosa Wine Tasting Notes

“[The 2015 vintage is] gorgeous, silky and lush..” -ROBERT PARKER

“Smooth and silky, the well-made and appealing North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon stays long and delectable on the palate.” -WILFRED WONG

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Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon - Best Cabernet Sauvignon Under $20

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